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Me  + Kids specialises in assisting Single Parents  without partners to meet others in  similar circumstances who are also looking for an opportunity to change their lives.   Read more By registering for FREE, you will be taking the first step to changing your life forever.   Meet and date Single Parents in your area, and create the opportunity to rediscover the fun, laughter, romance and love you thought would never come your way again.  Somebody who will understand  and share  your experiences. Me + Kids makes it easy to meet and date Single Moms and date Single Dads – whether you are looking for a new friend, or looking for love second time round.   We realise that not all single parents are able to meet outside of their home, and so have created a safe and secure environment where you will be able to profile the person you would like to meet, view photos and then send an introductory message.  All new member  profiles are personally checked by a professional team.
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It has taken a long time to rebuild my confidence and think of another man in my life, but I was able to start a new chapter  with the help of Me+Kids.  Online Dating has enabled me to make new friends and be contacted by potential dates whilst remaining in the safe environment of my home. I took the first step by profiling the match I was looking for.  I was contacted on the first day by 4 guys who were interested in my profile.  They are all Single Dads with Kids.  So far I have met 3 guys over coffee.  I am having such fun, and Dating again has changed my life. Sarah  London I have been divorced for 10 months now, and have not had much opportunity to meet any ladies as all my friends are married.  I have a small business that also occupies most of my time.  My children are an important part of my life and spend alternative weekends with me.  A mate suggested I try internet dating.  Since trying online dating my life has changed dramatically.  I have met lots of new lady friends who are also looking for some fun and romance.  I am not looking for a long term relationship at the moment, but getting back into the dating scene has created a new aspect in my life and certainly makes me feel me feel happier and younger. James - Kent
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